My file format is supported by the MP330, and the file can be played on my computer, but I get error messages when I play it on the MP330.

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A situation like this indicates that the file is carrying some minor encoding errors. As the hardware specifications of the computer are a lot higher and more advanced than those of the MP330, such tiny encoding errors are negligible to the computer. For the MP330, however, its hardware is less tolerant to such encoding errors, resulting in playback failure or display errors.

You could try downloading the "Format Factory" file converter to convert your file to another format. When converting, Format Factory will re-encode your file and correct its encoding errors in the process. After that, you will be able to play it on your MP330.

The Steps:
We explained the converting steps in detail in another FAQ. Please refer to the following link.

If you are still having trouble playing a file on the MP330 after converting it, this means that the encoding error is too big that not even converting the file would revert it back to its original state.




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